Products that are expected from our customers丆that satisfy.It is possible to make them is our mission.  
Today's transaction leads to tomorrow, three months, six months and ... making products that are pleasing to semi-permanent. This is our ideal. For this purpose, we will create a company such as the following. It is not considered in the traditional mechanisms and established concepts. It returns to the basic of 乬Thinking the customer first." It is possible to cope with the change of any era. Ichiei foods will continue to grow also supported by our customers in the future.

Aichi Prefecture headquarters and Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Branch, from two sites not only in Japan, we have widely expand the business activities abroad. Information of the new product to be planning each month, and sales promotion activities, such as information exchange, we aim to satisfy our customers.  

All conference seeking products that satisfy.We are pursuing the taste in conjunction with the laboratory.  
Monthly, president, corporate marketing, packaging planners, site manager will attend the Development Conference. "What person, under any circumstances, eat the goods, or give any joy to people who ate." Is the basic theme. We will tie the ideas and needs in developed products by the information that all attendees were collected from raw materials to finished product. We value the tasting, the result is fed back immediately to the laboratory and manufacturing plant of the company. Prototype will be repeated until it can convince. Packaging specifications, packaging design also discussion at the meeting, and then quickly released while adding a correction. The contents of The development conference are reported to all employees, and then tasting the developed products in all.  

Our mission is to manage the health and safe food.  
From the raw material products, ranging from each of the working environment, we can manage all the process of goods is born. Numerical test, of course, will also be an important point sensory test. The results of the analysis are fed back to the immediately manufacturing sites and improve the manufacturing process and the manufacturing environment. In addition, it is reported also to sales staff in charge, it will be efforts company-wide by sharing information.In microbial inspection examines the 乬generality number of bacteria乭, 乬coliform bacteria乭, 乬Staphylococcus aureus乭, and we are strengthening the monitoring on food poisoning. For raw materials to be used, additive substance, allergy, gene recombination, BSE, to collect the country of origin data, always has a management so that it can respond to questions from customers.

New headquarters plant is running, 110,000 bags of production capacity in one day together with the Kyushu plant.
Headquarters plant - Aichi Prefecture Kasugai
Site area 3,300噓
Facility office factory 3-story丂
Total floor area 2,600噓
Manufactured items丗Bean products, squid products, seaweed products, scallops product, vacuum retort products
Parking (50 cars)

Minami-shimohara plant-Aichi Prefecture Kasugai
Site area 1,016噓
Facility office factory 2-story丂
Total floor area 2,600噓
Manufactured items丗Bean products, Seafood products
Parking (20 cars)
Kyushu Plant - Fukuoka Prefecture Asakura
Site area 16,300噓
Facility office building, packaging materials company, Plant No. 1 Plant, No. 2 Plant, No. 3 Plant, No. 4 Plant, No. 5 Plant,and green space by factory urban greening policy
Manufactured items丗Bean products, squid products, seaweed products, cheese products, scallops product, Dorayaki product, vacuum retort products,Fried food
Parking (200 cars)

Japan's largest pillow packaging machine owns the number, efficient production system,5S activities that all employees are working to, As a result, we will strive to safe and secure product produced in speedy.
We are actively pursuing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), comprising 17 global goals and 169 targets (achievement criteria). He also participates in the UN World Food Program Red Cup campaign for the future of children.

From Japan to the world. Production widely in the total item number 24,695 items (July 2015 currently) from own brand OEM, to PB, it supported fine.

Company Name: ICHIEI FOODS Co., LTD
Representative: Representative Director Daisuke Kawai
Place standing ground: Aichi Prefecture Kasugai Jusanzuka cho 3-2 Company
Founded: April 1, 1992
Capital: 4,050 ten thousand yen
Line of business: food production and sales

Number of employees: 218 people
Fiscal Year End: March 31
Banks: Chukyo Bank Kozoji Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Kasugai Branch, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Higashino branch, Nishi-Nippon City Bank Amagi Branch

ICHIEI FOODS Co,Ltd. Headquarters
仹486-0815 3-2 Jusanzuka cho Kasugai Aichi Prefecture
TEL: 0568-56-0181 FAX: 0568-56-0180
If the train JR Chuo Line "Kasugai," "Kasugai City bus" east loop line clockwise from the station "Kasugai Inter-west" get off, a 5-minute walk away. Or about 10 minutes by taxi from the Kasugai station (charge standard 1,500 yen)
If your car Tomei Expressway> Kasugai IC get off> Route19 to Nagoya district 100m
ICHIEI FOODS Co,Ltd. Kyushu Branch
仹838-0056 85-1 Nakahara Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture
TEL: 0946-26-1818 FAX: 0946-21-0777
If the train Amagi railroad 乬Tachiarai" station and get off, 15-minute walk to the south.
If your car Oita motorway Chikugo Ogori > left turn from Ogori Inter exit> and turn left at the inter-south intersection> about 5 minutes>Turn right at Harajizo intersection about 900m

Corporate history

04.1992 Founding
10.1993 Headquarters factory completed
11.1996 Kyushu Branch first plant completed
12.2000 Kyushu Branch second plant completed
04.2004 Kyushu Branch third factory completed
04.2012 Kyushu Branch fourth factory completed
07.2015 Kyushu Branch Installed deep drawing retort sterilization packaging machine
11.2015 New headquarters plant completed
05.2018 Kyushu Branch fifth factory completed
03.2019 Kyusyu Branch Fried product line completed
05.2019 Minami Shimohara factory completed

Various activities

Baseball club activities Headquarters one team Kyushu Branch 1 team June 2015 We have been certified to the attractive outbound partners of Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture.
2019 64th Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture Federation length Cup Baseball Tournament丂Champion
2020 K2020 Ogori, Fukuoka Prefecture Baseball Federation Cup Champion

The latest catalog can be downloaded from here. (PDF 40MB)
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