We will exhibit at "FOOD EXPO Hong Kong 2017".

 It is Hong Kong's largest international trade fair. Product information and catalog to be exhibited this time can be downloaded from the following. I am waiting for the coming of many people.

 ■Fair Dates:17-21 August 2017 (Thu - Mon) 10:00-18:00(Last day~17:00)
 ■Venue:Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
 ■Booth number:【5C-G20】In the Japan Pavilion JETRO
 ■Organiser:Hong Kong Trade Development Council
 ■ICHIEI FOODS Co.,Ltd Exhibition Item:
     ?ICHIEI FOODS Catalog in FOOD EXPO 2017
     ?獨立包裝的芥末味花生 155g (Wasabi taste peanut individual packaging 155g
     ?獨立包裝的烤魷魚奶酪 150g (Grilled squid & cheese individual package 150g
     ?獨立包裝的奶酪棒 8gx30P (Cheese stick individual packaging 8gx30P
     ?日本銘品抹茶味銅鑼燒獨立包裝 6P (Dorayaki famous green tea flavor Individual package 6P
     ?烤芥末味扇貝獨立包裝 110g (Grilled scallops with wasabi flavor individual package 110g
     ?煙熏油調味扇貝柱獨立包裝 150g (Scallop ligament in smoked oil individual package 150g

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